Friday, June 22, 2012

Winston-Salem's Arctic, Inc. Develops Frostbite Weed-killer

Curiosity, more than necessity, was the mother of invention for the green weed-killing product created by Arctic Inc. Arctic, based in Clemmons, developed the idea for its Frostbite weed-control system after co-founder Rob Howerton used spray cleaner on his computer keyboard.

Frostbite applies "a killing frost" to provide a faster and safer organic option compared with traditional weed-control methods. It typically works in 1-3 days compared with up to 30 days with traditional weed-killing products, the company says.

Primary customers are turf professionals, such as landscapers and operators of public and private outdoor spaces who rely on turf professionals to maintain lawns, ball fields, parks, golf courses and school playgrounds.

Arctic began offering Frostbite to turf professionals in late 2011. Among its largest clients are Pleasant Green Grass, the largest organic lawn-care company in the Raleigh/Durham area; the completely organic Vineyard Golf Club in Martha's Vineyard; and Harvard University, which plans to use Frostbite to replace the hand-pulling of weeds throughout its campus.

Among Arctic's accolades was named Friday as the winner of the second round of the PTP Next competition and a $20,000 grant. Read more.


  1. I still use the old home made weed killer concoction of vinegar and salt though this sounds like a fantastic alternative. I'll check this out thanks!

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