Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NanoMedica to Present at Tech Briefing on September 15th

Doing more with less is frequently associated with corporate downsizing, budget cuts and many ramifications of the ailing economy.  How refreshing to find a company that is growing and innovating while doing more with less.  Winston-Salem based NanoMedica is an early stage biotechnology company focused on a reduction that everyone can appreciate… reducing the cost of drug discovery. Their mission is to help biopharmaceutical customers “discover more with less” – more useful compounds with less material, time and money. Useful compounds include new chemical probes of cellular function, ultrasensitive diagnostic reagents and target-directed molecules for studying and treating disease processes. Of particular interest are ligands (substance binding molecules) designed to specifically recognize and modulate cellular targets and pathways involved in the onset and progression of cancer. Their trademarked  “Lab-on-Bead™” technology allows nanoscale detection and characterization at the single-molecule level using thousands to millions of times less material than conventional methods – in short, discovering more with less™.
NanoMedica will present at the Chamber of Commerce Tech Briefing on September 15th.  The event will begin at 8 a.m at the Benton Convention Center.  Other technology companies presenting their latest ideas and innovations include:  Cook Medical; OnceLogix; Paragon Noise Barriers; SkinDeep FX; Small Footprint/Treks in the City; Stantec; Verbal Victor; and Virginia Tech/Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering.  For more information about the Tech Briefing:

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