Friday, October 19, 2012

PTRP innovation among top priorities for Eric Tomlinson

People may know Eric Tomlinson as the president named this summer to head the Piedmont Triad Research Park, but for him, it’s his second title — chief innovation officer for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center — that’s most important.

“When I was approached for the job, it was president of PTRP, and oh, by the way, chief innovation officer of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center,” Tomlinson said. “But actually the job is chief innovation officer, of which part is to develop the park.”

That change speaks to a shift in focus for the research park, which includes 145 developable acres next to the heart of downtown. The park is expected to support more than 6 million square feet of building space as it’s built out.

Earlier this year saw the opening of Wake Forest Biotech Place, followed by the announcement that Winston-Salem-based Inmar will relocate its 900 workers to the park. Employment in the park is expected to approach 2,000 by the end of 2013, with hundreds of thousands of renovated square feet coming online.  Read more.


  1. I know a doctor in Portland who told me about this biotech project and believe me I am totally clueless when he mentioned it to me but then when he explained it to me thoroughly I somehow understand what he meant by this. I then realized the reason why he got that smile on his face. They should continue reinventing and conceptualizing projects such as this.

  2. All that I can say is, rebranding and renovating parks should also be supported by the government. Actually we, in home hospice care services were talking about it last week and came up with the plan that why don’t we also build a park, our patients will surely love the place.


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