Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winston-Salem-based Inmar to Expand in Piedmont Triad Research Park

Inmar Inc. said today it is expanding its operations and will move into former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. buildings in the Piedmont Triad Research Park.

The buildings total 240,000 square feet and the renovations will take about 17 months to complete.

"This move gives us the opportunity to be an important part of the exciting downtown revitalization while enabling us to pursue our long-term goals of growth and attracting great talent," said Inmar CEO David Mounts.

The company said in April that is would be adding 212 jobs and retaining more than 700 employees.

The park is considered the leading new-economy engine for Forsyth County and the Triad, with about 925 employees currently on its campus.

Founded in 1980 as a coupon company, Inmar has grown into a technology firm that offers consulting and software services, among other operations. Read more.


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