Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stantec Repurposes Shipping Containers, Other Innovators Highlighted at Chamber Tech Briefing

Tens of thousands of shipping containers are piled up, rusting, all over the country because it is cheaper to make new containers abroad than ship the old ones back. But at Thursday’s 10th annual Technology Briefing, Randal L. Pool, managing principal of Stantec, presented a whole series of possibilities for reusing the containers. The company is already planning and hopes to open soon a removable restaurant for the sidewalk near New York’s Flatiron Building made from one container. Pool showed sketches of how containers might be used for first responder housing at the scene of a disaster, or as temporary shelter for up to 16 refugees. They might be clustered to provide housing for many families following a large-scale disaster. The presentation produced excited murmurs from the crowd of more than 300 who attended the briefing.

The September 15th  Winston-Salem Journal article covered information about some of the other eight presenters at the briefing and their stories of technology and innovation


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