Sunday, May 15, 2011

WinstonNet Provides Excellence in Workforce Training

For 10 years WinstonNet, a non-profit community technology initiative, has been diligently working to make computers, broadband, and training accessible to the underserved and disadvantaged. The result -- a better trained workforce, better educated children and a population that is better prepared for today’s technology-based economy. Now, with three recently-awarded grants, WinstonNet will be able to do even more, including more labs, new computers, state-of-the art software, broadband Internet access and expanded training. What WinstonNet has already accomplished -- and is now expanding -- is extraordinary.

WinstonNet currently operates over 40 free public access computer labs in such places as City recreation centers, libraries and churches. And that number is growing. It offers a multitude of free computer training classes, including computer and job skills training in both English and Spanish. And, upon completing the courses, WinstonNet assists students in finding economical Internet connections and can even provide graduates with a subsidized, high-quality refurbished computer to take home for as little as $25.

WinstonNet, a partnership of local government, academic institutions and the WS Chamber of Commerce, is a true economic development asset that is providing huge benefits to our community. Learn More

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